Love at First Sight

This is a very special day, not just for me but for one of the greatest loves of my life. Two years ago today I drove seventeen miles from my home to a no-kill animal shelter to check out the dogs there, with the idea of fostering one. And though there were far too many pooches there in need of a home, one in particular caught my attention. I think you might justly call it love at first sight.

The dog was Tink, an eight-year-old shepherd mix, who is now a permanent part of my household. I/we had a rough time of it for two months. Having been abandoned at least three times in the previous four months, she had severe separation anxiety and was prone towards being very destructive when left alone. Then one day, while not in my care, she went missing, and for four weeks I devoted myself to finding her. It was one of the most demanding, gut-wrenching experiences I have known in my many years.

I am now writing a memoir about those two months, and hope to have it published by the end of 2016. To help me achieve that goal, I am active with two writing groups that are contributing to making me a better writer.

While I wish neither Tink nor I had to be put through that wretched ordeal, I will say this. Rather than declaring I grew so attached to her despite what I underwent during those two months, I think my love for her in large part is because of what I endured to get her back. Below is a photo I took of her the first day I saw her.

I love you sweetheart and am so happy our paths in life crossed.



Musing on Today’s Oscar Nominations and Past Winners

The Oscar nominations today. Always fun to check out and second guess. But let’s face it. The Academy has clearly gotten it wrong a fair number of times in its eighty-seven year history. Case in point. In my opinion, last year’s Best Picture win for Birdman over much of its competition, especially Whiplash, Selma, and The Theory of Everything.

But hold on; far worse choices have been made. Below is an article that discusses the issue. While it does not cover the last five winners, it makes for interesting reading. In my opinion, the biggest offenders: In 1941, How Green Was My Valley over Citizen Kane; 1951’s An American in Paris over either A Place in the Sun or A Streetcar Named Desire; 1952’s The Greatest Show On Earth over virtually everything else, but particularly, High Noon; and in 2005, Crash over Brokeback Mountain. What was the Academy thinking?? I have seen all of these films, most of them more than once. Except for The Greatest Show On Earth, I thought all of these winners were good to very good films. But Best Picture? No way!

This year’s I’ve seen practically none of the Best Picture nominees but plan to squeeze in as many as I can before Award night. And PLEASE, PLEASE Academy, NOT Mad Max: Fury Road. I watched it for thirty-five minutes and walked away in total disgust at it its gratuitous violence.

I’d love to know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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