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I feel in so many ways my life has been an incredible journey, filled with great adventures, so much joy as well as a fair amount of pain and sorrow. Knowing only too well that I have far more yesterdays than I have tomorrows, I have recently undertaken an exhilarating new challenge in my life, writing my first novel, something I have dreamed of doing for more than 40 years. While my book will be a work of fiction, I have drawn from both my own experiences as well as individuals I have known to make for what I hope will be an interesting story. In the time that I have been actively pursuing this goal, I have become passionately involved in the project and cannot wait until my manuscript is complete, edited countless times and ready for publication. I hope when this journey is complete you will take the time to read what I have written and will find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In hopes of making myself a better writer I have of late been reading quite extensively. Most but not all of the books I have read have been novels that have something in common with the theme of the book I am writing. Some such as Catcher in the Rye and Giovanni’s Room were first published more than 50 years ago. Others like Call Me By Your Name, Where You Are, and Leave Myself Behind are much newer works. Many of these books I have absolutely loved; others I found disappointing. But all I believe have provided guidance and insights and hopefully will help to make me a better writer.

My blog is primarily dedicated to my thoughts and impressions on what I have been reading as I work on my own novel. From time to time I will mix it up a little bit and write on other events happening in my life. At a minimum I hope that if you should choose to follow my writing you will find at least a few books worth reading that you otherwise might have missed. Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions you would like to share with me, feel free to contact me at Ed@EdHartnett.com.or simply enter your remarks in the “Leave a Reply” section below. I would very much enjoy hearing from you. You will also find additional information on my website www.EdHartnett.com. Thank you for your interest.

P.S. In case you are wondering the picture you see at the top of the page was taken in Carmel, CA in April 2014. Those two adorable pooches are my two best friends, Aries, the black and white one, and sweet and gentle Tink. The photo was taken on Aries’ birthday. Since Carmel is so dog-friendly it has become an annual tradition to go there around Aries’ birthday, a great time of year to pay a visit.  These two sweetheats are the most precious jewels in my life. I can always count on them to raise my spirits and bring me joy and comfort even during my darkest moments.

5 thoughts on “About the Author & this Blog

    • Thank you for comments about my blog. I’m glad you enjoy it. You commented “adding more information will be more useful” and I’m not certain I know what you are suggesting. Longer blogs, more blogs, information about me, or maybe something else? I’d love to hear back from you. You can also find more information on my website http://www.EdHartnett.com. Thanks!


  1. Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is magnificent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about About | Ed Hartnett& .


  2. I look forward to seeing your first (of many?) books taking off into the world.
    When I was young, I thought there was nothing more fulfilling than to be able to create a world full of characters and experiences. Then sharing it with others.
    I love reading and frequent the library in search of a novel that transports me from my own life.
    Good luck!!!


    • Diane:
      Thank you for your message & good wishes. For the past 2 weeks my life’s mission has been trying to find my missing dog Tink and so I have ignored my blog as well as most other activities that are not crucial. My lastest blog posting has a picture of her but in case you’re interested in more detail I’ve been posting nearly every day my activities on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ed.hartnett. I’m leaving my house soon to resume the search. Wish me luck!


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